November 11, 2014

St8 looking for gay roommate??

Ok guys, this is a 2013 add I came across in another gay blog... I think is really tricky thoug!

St8 looking for gay roommate - 28 (Midtown East)

Straight guy here, 28 professional, athletic, masculine. Why I want a gay roommate, cause it works out to be a good arrangement for if we're both cool about it.

Things I like about having a gay roommate 1. you don't mind cleaning the place and picking up after us both. including our laundry 2. usually your pretty good cooks and don't mind cooking for straight guys 3. pretty good decorators and make the place look good

Things I can give you 1. Being around a hot straight guy that walks around a lot in his boxer briefs ;-) 2. Long as you can keep it discreet and not get all possessive, my dick to suck a few times a week. get really horny when been out drinking on weekends. 3. Let you massage me after work outs

The way it goes 1. Split rent 60/40. I'll pay more cause I have the bigger bedroom 2. Your masc guy, that keeps the details of this a secret 3. Your also cool to chill with, grab a beer, watch a game, play some 360 or whatever 4. Lots of beer, but no drugs except 420 but not looking for a pothead 5. You smoke, its outside 6. I am cool if you bring dudes back here, you're cool if I bring chick back. But can promise you, your the only dude getting my loads. 7. If your into working out, work-out partner it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests -------------------------------- UPDATE: Because the ad's been removed but I know "you faggots" wanna see it, this is the uncensored photo.

UPDATE 2: People are responding to the ad as if *I* wrote it. Read HERE

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